Today's Insane Deal of the Day - Uni Air Filter $22.47 -- You have 'til midnight.
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    673 0.101
    673 0.101
    DAV 0.103
    18 0.105
    18 0.107
    56 0.117
    01 0.118
    23 0.126
    23 0.126
    PD 0.135
Practice your starts by improving your response time!

It's your moto, you're at the starting gates ... clutch in, bike in gear, throttle open ... now focus ... concentrate on the lever holding up your gate ...

Slip your clutch hand over your computer mouse, easy now, don't squeeze too hard. Guide the mouse cursor over the Start button. When you feel ready, click on "Start" and wait until the color changes above the buttons. The moment it changes, hit "Stop"! See if you can train your reflexes to respond in less than 1/5th (.20 or less) of a second.


If you score low enough for the Top 10 Best, a form will appear to get your initials or number.
New Game: The Top 10 list will be flushed out at 8:00am PST each day.
Current Game Started: Tuesday, June 27
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